Twitter api Limit 10日しか情報がとれない

This limit is currently around 1.5

	Search API Limit
	Clients may request up to 1,500 statuses via the page and rpp parameters for the search method. 
	The response to a request exceeding this limit will be a status code of 200 and an empty result in the format requested. 
	This artificial limit is in place to ensure the performance of the search system. 
	We also restrict the size of the search index by placing a date limit on the updates we allow you to search. 
	This limit is currently around 1.5 weeks but is dynamic and subject to shrink as the number of tweets per day continues to grow.

postal code 日本


postal code



と書いたが、エラーとなった。 正しくは、



ruby twitter api

	  require 'rubygems'
	require 'nokogiri'
	require 'open-uri'
       @screen_name = "user_name"
	@twitter_api_url = "" + @screen_name
	p open(@twitter_api_url)
	p @twitter_api_url 
	doc = Nokogiri::HTML(open(@twitter_api_url))
	 (doc/"status").each { |e|
	    created_at = e/"created_at"
	    text = e/"text"
	    p created_at.inner_html
	    p text.inner_html

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