• いろんな大きなサイトに(1000requests/s以上の)採用されている
  • youtubeやwikipediaも使ってる
  • シングルスレッド、シングルプロセスだからC10K問題に対応できる
  • シングルスレッド、シングルプロセスだがserver.max-workerでCPUコア数分のプロセスを割り当てることはできる(自分で実験した)
  • 普通のマルチスレッドは1.5xから?

Fly Light With Lighttpd Web Server

The performance benefits of lighttpd, particularly for static or PHP-based pages, are no longer just proof of concept.
Lighttpd has been put into production use at high-traffic sites like and, both of which serve more than 1,000 page requests per second. 
Lighttpd is even used to serve portions of major sites, including YouTube, Wikipedia and Meebo. YouTube, for example, delivers static content like Flash videos via lighttpd while still using Apache to handle dynamic pages.
This hybrid architecture of pairing lighttpd with a full-featured but more resource-hungry server is becoming an increasingly popular way to scale resources.

Apache, Nginx and Lighttpd

Lighttpd (pron: Lighty) is a single threaded web server which was famously developed to solve the C10K problem; that is, to serve 10,000 simultanious connections.

パフォーマンスボトルネックの探し方(続き) (やっぱり Sun がスキ!)

server.max-worker はフォークするプロセスの数です。今回は 8 コアのサーバなので 8 を指定しました。

Lighttpd - Server.max-workerDetails - lighty labs

number of worker processes to spawn. This is usually only needed on servers which are fairly loaded and the network handler calls delay often (e.g. new requests are not handled instantaneously).

Lighttpd "how to" Fast and Secure Web Server ( lighttpd.conf ) @ - Open Source Research and Reference

server.max-worker :   Is the number of worker processes to spawn. A worker is the same as a child process in Apache.

lighttpd forum - Is lighttpd multi threaded web server?

Neither of both. It is event-driven and uses one process to handle all. 
Only 1.5.x it has a set of IO threads if you want, but that isn't 

changing the basic model.

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